Following these simple rules will help keep your account in good standing:

1. Don't click on your own Google ads.
2. Don't ask others to click on Google ads.
3. Don't employ pop-up prompts or automatic software installations.
4. Be aware of how your site is promoted.
5. Don't place Google ads on sites that contain prohibited content.
6. Respect Google trademarks.
7. Don't tamper with the AdSense code.
8. Provide a positive user experience.
9. Provide a good environment for advertisers.
10. Be responsive.
11. Do not mask ad elements.
12. Do not place more than 3 ad units and 3 ad links or 2 adsense search boxes on any web page.
13. Do not run competitive contextual text ad or search services on the same site.
14. Never launch a New Page for clicked ads by default.
15. Place ads only on Content Pages.
16. Do not alter the results after ad clicks or searches